Unwanted Vows, Unnecessary Vows, and Unrelenting Vows are three books in the Vows Series about the Lawrence Family--Morgan, the wounded veteran; Brian, the unsettled doctor; Danielle, the uncommitted journalist. Unwanted Vows was originally published through Boroughs Publishing Group. When my contract with them came to term, I ended it. And now I look forward to revising Unrelenting Vows and then publishing this series in 2018.

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What people are saying about Unwanted Vows:

"I loved this book! This was a sweet romance story filled with steam, suspense, twists, turns, laugh out loud moments, and had one alpha man that won't take no for an answer."

Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog, 5 stars

"Unwanted Vows was a sweet, tug at your heart-strings kind of story... This book was so well written and the characters are so well developed, that they came alive for me. Unwanted Vows is a wonderful feel-good kind of book and I urge you to check it out for yourself."

K. Pacious, reviewer at I am a Book Addict and Proud of It Blog