I love to read. I read romance, and in that genre, mostly contemporary--all sorts, along with the occasional historical or paranormal. I chose books to review through the promotional companies that cater to those genres--Book Enthusiast Promotions, Tasty Book Tours, Enchanted Book Promotions. And sometimes, I review books I've read and picked out at random. Although, I used to read at least five books a month, now I'm lucky to read five books a year. Reviewing is my way of staying accountable to the industry and to myself. I hope you'll join me!! Find a good book. Recommend a good book.

Feel free to email me with a review request using the contact form in the menu. Admittedly, I'm busy writing, and your chances of getting a review will be higher if you use the companies I listed. 

Rating System:

5 Stars -- I loved it so much. I want to force all my romance reading friends to read it.

4.5 Stars -- This is an amazing book that I would recommend to all my romance reading friends.

4 Stars -- This is a great book, and I would probably recommend it to a romance reading friend.

3.5 Stars -- This book was pretty good, and if I knew a friend who liked the subgenre, I might recommend it.

3 Stars -- This book was okay. Not really that recommendable.

I will not feature reviews with less than a 3 Star on my blog. All reviews are free and of my own opinion. Thank you!!