• ST, Single Title
  • NL, Novella Length
  • RS, Romantic Suspense
  • CR, Contemporary Romance
  • PNR, Paranormal Romance

Works in Progress

The Last Lie -- Mark and Maggie -- ST, vintage RS

Home for You -- Anthology, CR, NL

Jacob and Tara, possible second to Sand Bay Secrets, bare-bones -- ST RS

Houseboat -- Jacob and Marie -- ST suspense thriller

Winter Craze, Book 2, Gerard Securities Series -- Tancredo and Elizabeth -- NL RS

Autumn Freeze, Book 4, Gerard Securities Series -- Malcolm and Miranda -- ST RS

Unrelenting Vows, book 3, Vows Series -- Jim and Danielle -- ST RS


Completed Works

Unnecessary Vows, Vows Series, book 2 -- Brian and Lisa -- ST RS

'Til Death do us Part -- Thad and Katie -- ST RS

Sand Bay Secrets -- Deacon and Molly -- NL RS

Dark Summer -- Nathan and Stacy -- NL RS

One Heartbeat in the Darkness -- Aarden and Rachel -- ST PNR -- SUBBED TO SAMHAIN WITH A REVISE AND RESUB

Spring Leave, Book 3, Gerard Securities Series-- John and Emily -- ST RS