What people are saying about Letters From Home:

"This story was well written and unfolded perfectly for the amount of pages it contained. It's a sexy, romantic, feel-good Christmas story. I loved it! Thank you Beth Rhodes for writing such a wonderful story set around the Christmas holiday." Cheryl Sanders, 4 stars

"I absolutely adored this novella. The chemistry between Zack and Lena is low key at best at the beginning, but as the novella progresses there is a definite growing strength of the sparks." Sapphyria Reviews, 5 stars

What people are saying about Outside The Lines:

"Kept me up all night I hate when I do this to myself. Only a few chapters, I think. Next thing you know, it's morning and I cannot be a fully functioning adult. Because--book." Cindy Skaggs, author ofUntouchable

"This story was so cute and super sexy!!! I fell in love with the characters and you feel so bad for Maria after she finds out how David really is. This book is definitely worth the read!!!" Melissa Mendoza, Alpha Club Books Review Blog

Book Three...

Juan Rodriguez traded the strict traditions of his Catholic family for those of the US Army, where his team calls him John and he never has to speak Spanish again. That is until he meets Darcy Caldwell--blonde, smart, linguist. She draws him out of his abstinence and makes him rethink his hardened view of the life he left behind.

He meets his match: his dourness versus her vibrant nature. But she has a past filled with hurt and betrayal. And he begins to wonder why he pushed the love of his family away. Especially when someone from her past is out to get her. Soon, they are on the run to the one place he had no intention of returning--home. He goes to protect her, but realizes there is more to deal with than protection on this detail.

He'll need forgiveness to overcome his demons.