A group of dedicated men and women. 
Moved by duty and honor.
Dedicated to being courageous in the face of adversity.
Passionate about life.


Hawk Elite Security:  a company started by Nathan and Stacy Hawkins—personal and business security.

The series follows a company of former military, former gov’t workers, and a few renegades, too. 

These are stories that have been buried, dug up, and buried again on my computer for about eight years. They have been through the wringer and survived. And there is nothing like having a series of stories, characters that I can follow through thick and thin, and share them with the readers. I think most authors feel this way... because we're readers first. And there is nothing like a book that will take you back to a world where good triumphs every time.

 What Readers are Saying about the series:
I absolutely love reading a new to me author and the first book in her romantic suspense series blows me away! Beth Rhodes writes like a much more seasoned author with a perfect balance of romance and suspense. 

~Avonna, The Romance Reviews

The time for secrets to be revealed and trust renewed. With trust comes the knowledge that no matter what, you have each others back. Great start to the series.

~Pamela D., Friend and reader

Strike Back is fun and sexy with some hot love scenes and an aching familiarity between her main characters that makes your chest hurt because you want them to resolve the emotional conflicts and be together as they deserve. I highly recommend.

~Cindy Skaggs, Romance Author of FBI thriller series, Untouchables

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