Not High School

Perhaps, as women, we sometimes forget that high school is over. I'm not usually one who gives in to drama, and I won't now. But when I get an email that seems to have its nose in the air, that wants to put me in my place--so to speak, I get annoyed. 

As authors, we can help each other, but we are still competition.

In a way, there's no forgetting that fact. There will always be a little tension. Yet, we must at least be given the benefit of the doubt! Kindness will always go further than a snidey or snarkey comment...even if it's warranted! We don't have to live with rose-colored glasses or be Pollyanna, but maybe we just sit back and do what's important.

Write. And for myself and most of my colleagues... write about LOVE. [I don't like when I have to remind myself of that] So...

ADVICE to you, writer:

1. put down the defenses and pick up a pen


Nevermind, there is no two. Just get back to work, eh? Because you're an amazing author with a vibrant personality. And you need to write the next book, darn it.



We all feel it at times, right?
As if we aren't moving forward? or backward? or even sideways?

There are LOTS of areas of my life that feel kind of stagnant right now. Thankfully, my relationship with my hubby isn't one of them. Haha. Nope, this isn't a posting rant about a relationship. Yay, me. :D

Just over a year ago, I dropped out of one of my online writing forums for various reasons that all lead to me realizing I needed to write for myself. Still in need of a support group, I found my new critique group at Passionate Critters and spent the last year writing and gaining confidence. Writing takes more than discipline and knowledge, it takes that confidence. Being back on track now, confident in my own writing, with another manuscript under my belt, maybe it's time to shake things up again.

See, there's no brass ring. Success isn't reaching some point so that we can retire, happy with the thought that we know all there is to know. Oh, no.

There's always something more...
So, what do I do now?
Well, I've reacquainted myself with the online writing forum. It's fun to get back in there and share the life. Share experiences.
I'm going to take a few classes in the winter semester at my local community college. I'm thinking criminology... and maybe a creative writing class... there are so many I have highlighted. I also have a University in my town, so I've had crazy thoughts about getting that degree in English that I never completed on my last run through the higher education mill. Wish me luck.
Last but not least, I might join a mentoring program through the writing forum I belong to.

If you're reading this and you agree with me, wanna take a class with me? Wouldn't that be fun? We could carpool. [you know who I'm talking about ;-)]