Just the thought of it

I closed my WIP last night with an idea of where to go next. I woke up this morning and went about my business, getting the littles to school, hurrying to the dentist for a 7:30am appointment for one of the olders, which was actually at 7am. So I rescheduled, hurried them to school, then came home to get the littlest to school so i could work.

When I finally sat down, I opened the document and went back a few pages to get reacquainted with where I was in the story. An hour later, Jack was fussy and lunch at the cafeteria was started...so we took a break--diaper change then lunch. Finally I sat again with the WIP and....

For the love of Pete, I couldn't remember what I was going to do next!!!

Didn't write it down. Couldn't remember the great idea.

Picked up the littlest and drove home. But the light shined down on me as I drove, and it all came rushing back. Now I'm home, getting ready for the weekend, and very excited about the next scene...
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from FOW.

...a little magic.
and questions on Maxim.

[you better believe I worked for that last one!! lmao]

It's going to be a great, long weekend with nothing on the schedule but Saturday afternoon basketball practice for the Oldest. Plus, warm weather, open doors, garage time... going to be awesome.

Have a great one.
With Love,

getting your butt in gear

I mean my butt. Getting my butt in gear.

I don't know why I have so much trouble maintaining conflict in a story. I mean, my life is full of conflict. Over the last few weeks, it's been my laptop and Best Buy stealing it from me. It was phone, dying on me. It was my camera finally taking its last picture...

Am I the only one who sees a pattern here?
Thank God my children aren't robots!

A new lap top... yes, it has Windows 8. Hello?! Conflict, anyone? What were they thinking? That we're all a much of shithead kids who can't read anymore? We need blocks and pictures?? hmmm? And no, my laptop does not have a touch screen, so what good does a start menu that I have to scroll sideways do for me? Hmmm? What? And now that we're in the system, there are elements that have been "made" for it.

My poor husband who hates our reliance on technology in general, almost had a hard attack when MSN didn't come up as it usually does. Nope. It had the big blocks for all those young, fat-fingered screen touchers. We didn't get the touch screen...I mean, can you imagine?! 5 kids?! three under the age of ten! Do you know what is on their fingers?!?!?! Sheesh. Gross.

So, some small adjustments, but I admit...I'm getting used to it. I can actually still work from Desktop for the most part, but...mind you, it does make about 45% of MS's new system pretty much useless and a waste of money. Is anyone listening to me? Microsoft? You out there??? A WASTE OF MONEY!

:D Anyhoo...
still writing. did some this morning. editing and trying to figure out how to get the conflict in my real life into the book. Have a great week.
With Love,

Happy Friday!

Another week closer to our new home...
Another week closer to a new release!!

I'm working my way through a final revision in hopes of getting my new book, Dark Summer, out the first week of September. Like the name suggests, it's not the light contemporary romance I published in June. It's a bit grittier but it will still capture your heart and the characters will leave you wanting more. Most of all, I think you'll recognize them. A married couple, you'll see yourself in their relationship... the best of all relationships: marriage--irritations, flaws, quirks, all mixed with the grace and humor that makes a good couple last.

I'll have a cover for you soon. Wheee! ...ha, hopefully anyway. I have to contact my cover lady and see when she can get a cover done. All tentative... so I can't give you dates yet.

But now I'm somewhat accountable and with the kids starting school soon, it's time to buckle down, I guess. :P Yuck. It's so easy to sit around and stare at the mountains! They're just sitting there! Always there, begging for attention.

Enjoy the weekend friends.
With Love,

Who are your Friends?

It really struck me that I have to surround myself with people who make me a better person and who inspire me to be a better person. Sometimes I wonder what kind of balance I have to have in order to maintain character status quo.

I have to want to work hard, play hard, succeed,  and pray. Not necessarily in that order. When I'm on Facebook too much, I know the play side of my balance is going to be too heavy. If I hang only with my writing group in a week, I'll probably find myself focused on work more than I should.

Perhaps it has to do with accountability as well. Easy to hide under so many hats! Sheesh. I'm serious about that. For what it's worth, there's nothing like my husband to keep me grounded, though. My husband and kids. Heck, yeah. :D

My new journey involves time management. haha. This year, create a better balance.

I'm addicted to Drugs...

...And my drug of choice is DSL.

I spent all day Wednesday waiting for my hardware, and when it finally came I couldn't get it working. I needed to register but didn't have my member ID info--cuz who uses that!--and I couldn't answer the security question, What is your favorite restaurant?

Why did I pick that question? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pick a favorite question when dr*gs are on the line!

So I had to fax some info to AT&T[my dealer] and they said they would call me the next day. At 2pm, I finally called them back, more than once. They couldn't find my faxed info...so the really nice Californian dude--who actually sounded American, btw--"helped" me figure out the answer to my security question....

NO! I'm not telling you what it is! Sheesh.

So, tonight, I'm online...and I've got nothing done since 2pm. When I've spent the last week doing more work on my ms than I've done in a month. *bangs head on desk*

I'm initiating LENT. Right now. Lent in September. If you don't remember, I gave up the internet until a certain time of day. Here I go again. :D
I'm glad to be back.
thanks for visiting.