Losing Teeth

What a CUTIE!
The little guy lost his tooth. Fell on the cement and knocked it into four separate peices! One little peice fell out that afternoon. What a trooper. Only cried for a short time... until we got to the dentist the next day, anyway.
So, the dentist was weird... I'm not from around here [here being where I live] but I've never had to wait outside while my kid had his teeth worked on. Thank God, DH was there. He watched through this window as the doctor and hygienists eximined, poked and prodded. DH is way more assertive than I am. Reassurance is something you can't buy!
They [the people behind the window] wanted to clean his other teeth but he was too upset so they decided to put it off until next time... DUH.
Well, the broken tooth had a cavity in it. If not for that cavity, the tooth probably would have survived meeting the cement as did all the other teeth. Okay, that's a little embarrassing...for a parent. Who knew?! The VERY NICE doctor - really the only reason we stayed to have the tooth pulled - talked us through the procedure. I was comfortable with this woman to allow her to take my child. Still weird, though...
I wonder if they would hold to that rule for my son who is blind? Hmm. We don't think we'll be going back there even if the event didn't end with traumatic written all over it.
would you take your kid to a closed-door policy dentist?