Fantastic Friday

End of the week Review
We had a freak snow storm... oh wait, that's right. It's January!! Winter time. So, not so freakish, although we've had some great, mild weather lately--40s and 50s since just before Christmas. One day of frigid and today we are back to 56 as a high. :D Should be like that all weekend. Not bad at all!!

I'm reading another Katy Regnery book, and it is GOOD! She was the third ebook I tried in one day. The first two were...freebies or something and, booo! They did not stand up. FWIW, Katy's book is self-published and it is wonderfully written, wonderfully edited and has a beautiful cover. Don't judge a book by its publishing status! Also, I picked up a paperback by Lisa Jackson, and Oh. My. Word. I read one scene--gruesome murder. An epilogue that left me hanging. But it made me think... I used to read stuff like this all the time! Tami Hoag, Sandra Brown. I've lost touch with the truly suspenseful, GOOD book. I've been reading these contemporary romances...sometimes with a mystery or suspense element, but nothing reads as well as a good, mainstream Romantic Suspense. Category just does not compare, even if it is a suspense.

My writing went really well this week. I did have two days here at the end of the week where I was banging my head against the wall, trying to find time to work. Lots of stuff going on this week--appointments, meetings, taxi obligations, etc. But I did at least 500 words a day, yesterday being the slowest at 526 words. And, of course, I'm loving the story... the contemporary romance--no suspense.

Maybe I need work on another dark story. It's been a while. I'm out of practice!!

There's a new link at the top of my Blog labeled "Home." It's my new webpage. It also reveals a few surprises, so come on over and visit. See what that's all about...and then forget you ever knew me. hahaha. Just kidding. :D

Have a wonderful weekend!
With Love,