Social Media

Another social media network popped up on the radar this week. The news came through my writing groups, my publisher... and it seems to have exploded in my writing circles.

But I have to ask myself, "Do I need another social media outlet?"

And, as it stands, who am I reaching out to? My fellow authors, for the most part.

Did I sign up? Do I have a page? Yes.

But I'm on the fence about actively pursuing it. I'll take it if it means exposure and getting my books out to a new audience. For now, it's not that.

Speaking of social media...

Has anyone seen the movie, You've Got Mail? Do you remember that first scene with Meg Ryan's character and Greg Kinnear when they are talking about technology and how it was the end of western civilation as we know it. And Greg's character kept bringing back typewriters to the apartment. I have to admit, he was right. That was the beginning...

Now it's not just, "You've got mail," it's sooo much more! :D

But where does it end? Have our online relationships lessened the value of our real life relationships? Or have they merely expanded what would otherwise be a small circle of friends?