Thursday Threesome

Featuring Nora Roberts -- who holds the award for My Favorite Book--a book not for the faint of heart.

Nora Roberts has twenty-three trilogy and series books. OMG, twenty-three!!! I'm skimming her booklist, contemplating what makes a series so compelling.[and wondering which one I should reread next] I think I figured it out.


I'm a strong believer in human nature. Needing companionship, needing acceptance, needing unconditional Love. Connections. It's not always the individual character that I remember from a book, but the familial bond that made me want to be part of that book. Nora's books, especially, portray a bond that is close to becoming extinct. Tightly knit families, living close to each other and sharing the daily grind.

One Trilogy I most recently read is her Dreams Trilogy.

Three women connected by a shared childhood. A gorgeous display of characterization that carried from one book to the next. Each book had a happy ending, yet left me with an amazing hook for the coming story. By the time the third book rolled around, I was dying for Laura to have her happy ending. In movies, I can usually take or leave a sequel. Not so much if I'm reading a Nora Roberts trilogy. They are just too darn interesting!

I think for my next reread, I'll pick up her Loving Jack trilogy...or maybe her Irish Trilogy. :D I love to go back to the early books. Harlequin doesn't bother me so much if I'm reading a Nora Roberts.