Fiction Friday

Today I started a story for my daughter who has generously agreed to donate four teeth to the Make-More-Room Foundation, a subsidiary of the Mouth Association, of which she is a current member. She sure does have a mouth on her! hahaha

I've never had a tooth pulled, not even a wisdom tooth, so I don't know how to help her, warn her of how it's going to be. But, I hear that dentists are pretty gentle nowadays...

and local anesthetics are AWESOME...even if she does want to be put under all the way. :D

Funny conversation before I throw a few lines at you. My daughter told me to remind her, even when she's 75 that she does NOT want short hair. I told her when she was 75 I'd probably be dead. Her response???

"You'll be alive. Eat fish and wine."

Okaaay. That I can manage. Where does she come up with this stuff? LOL :D


Claudia Anne Darling wished for powers. Different than the ones she already possessed. Powers that would make her disappear for the next two hours so she didn’t have to get her teeth pulled. Four teeth! She groaned and bit her fist.
“It’s going to be fine.” Her mom patted her shoulder and gave her ponytail a little tug.
Fine! Fine was what you were after your brother rigged your bike so that it would only turn right and you ended up in the creek off Johnson road. It was how you did on that stupid, science pop quiz in Mrs. Burns’ class.
Having four teeth pulled was not fine.