Just the thought of it

I closed my WIP last night with an idea of where to go next. I woke up this morning and went about my business, getting the littles to school, hurrying to the dentist for a 7:30am appointment for one of the olders, which was actually at 7am. So I rescheduled, hurried them to school, then came home to get the littlest to school so i could work.

When I finally sat down, I opened the document and went back a few pages to get reacquainted with where I was in the story. An hour later, Jack was fussy and lunch at the cafeteria was started...so we took a break--diaper change then lunch. Finally I sat again with the WIP and....

For the love of Pete, I couldn't remember what I was going to do next!!!

Didn't write it down. Couldn't remember the great idea.

Picked up the littlest and drove home. But the light shined down on me as I drove, and it all came rushing back. Now I'm home, getting ready for the weekend, and very excited about the next scene...
Copyrighted work, borrowed
from FOW.

...a little magic.
and questions on Maxim.

[you better believe I worked for that last one!! lmao]

It's going to be a great, long weekend with nothing on the schedule but Saturday afternoon basketball practice for the Oldest. Plus, warm weather, open doors, garage time... going to be awesome.

Have a great one.
With Love,