Picture Challenge

From Janice!! Thanks for thinking of me Janice, my one constant blog companion.
RULE: The rules are simple. Use google image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results,and post it as your answer.

The Age of my next Birthday:

Lockheed Martin's 1998
X-33, A ROCKET... :D

Place I'd like to Travel:

Mackinac Island -- picture courtesy of http://www.teamshackchicago.com/ from Google Images.

I love this place. Haven't been there since I was a child. Would LOVE to go back.

A Favorite Place:

You won't believe this... this is an avatar from a forum. The Google search brought me this picture from a member whose location was: In my husband's arms. :)

A Favorite food:

A Favorite Thing:

City I was born:

West Islip, New York -- don't ask me what that picture is off... LOL

Nickname I had:

Name of My Love:

Apparently there's a Matt Strasser in the military as well... 1st Sgt. in the US Army.

*shrug* Lots of people out there...

Favorite Color:


A Bad Habit:

That would be SWEARING. Like i'm doing right now, because blogger can really drive me crazy!!!! CRAZY!
My Wishlist:
One thing I learned while doing this...blogger formatting does NOT stay true when inserting images. I can NOT believe how long it took me to do this...with all the backspacing and rearranging that needed to be done. Why doesn't the picture go in where the cursor is? why does it default to the top of the page? am I the only one with this problem???? UGH!