IM much?

I dropped a BTW in my manuscript.
You know what's even more funny than that?
Only one person caught it. :D I read that manuscript a dozen times and my eyes just flew right past without a second look. Crazy.

I guess I need to stop texting and IMing so much.

Submission for Spring Fling Anthology is completed and sent on its way.
When it came right down to it, I didn't think the story fit Fling Protocol. Fling being a short unintentional relationship between two people. When my hero shows up in town, he definitely intends on forming a relationship with the heroine. So, instead of throwing it in the Anthology pile, I threw it in the general submission/wishlist pile. Now comes my favorite part of the writing process--WAITING!

Actually, I don't mind it that much. I have so much to do, once I toss a ms out there, I hardly think of it again until a note pops up in my inbox. Which is a total blessing! Some people think and think and think and worry and wait and think and obsess. I don't have that in my personality, I guess.

It's 10am here and already sixty some odd degrees. Going to be a scorcher! :D
Enjoy the day.
Happy writing.