Write Something Fun

As writers, we spend time--even if it's not acknowledged as such--finding a niche, finding our voice. Making our writing special. Even the same story isn't told more than once the same way. I've had some fun playing with my voice and experimenting with stories.

When I've wanted my voice to be pretty dark, I've found that it leans toward sarcastic. Maybe not all lighthearted, but definitely not DARK. When I think of it in a visual sense, I get more of a Psych reference than a Psycho reference. :D :D

Plus, I've even written a couple of contemporary romances in the last few years that have absolutely NO MYSTERY OR SUSPENSE AT ALL. *gasp*

I know!!

Crazy. But those seem to flow really well for me...and that makes me suspicious that there in lies a strength. So, what about you? What's your strength? And if you could put your voice to TV what show or movie would it be?

The View

I'll admit it.

Ever since school started and I've been alone in the mornings, I've been watching The View. About once a week. I really enjoy it. This morning, the ladies were talking about a study, an article or something about issues women face in regards to MEN and how to talk about them with daughters. Though the audience wasn't privy to the entire list of 30-something, we got a taste. A good one? If a man annoys you while you're dating, he will definitely annoy you when you're married. GOOD POINT! A crazy a$$ one? Seven excuses not to have anal sex...

Excuse me girls, women, ladies... you don't need an excuse. No is enough.

I have one word...we'll call it the word for the day. Sex. My girlfriend and I were talking about this just yesterday. We both happened to watch the new shows on ABC--Modern Family and Cougar Town. Sex. Dancing with the Stars? [have you seen the outfits?] Sex. Law and Order? [think of the cases...] Sex and Sex crimes.

It just seems like everything is OUT THERE. I'm not trying to be prudish, but some mystery would be novel, don't you think? Sexy isn't out there, it's hidden and making people wonder.

Watch yourself this season. Watch out for your kids...even The Biggest Loser can be suggestive. I don't think sex should be a secret, but I do think it can be presented in a way that glorifies Love and God, not Hollywood and who they have decided is HOT.
Have a great weekend!
Love you all,