Brain Dead

That's a little how I feel right now.
Busy week... plus all the mental energy of putting this book release together.
I'm trying to stay in a calm place. It's mostly working, but when I sit down to write something on my blog and I have no thoughts to share. I know I've thought of things to write about but without writing them down, my brain can't conjure them up.

Give me a minute....

Oh yeah. My book that comes out in a week and a day. It's the different one. I've written romantic suspense [RS] for years, when out of nowhere, I decide I'm going to squeeze out a contemporary romance. What's the difference? Mainly, the mystery and intrigue. But also, the heat level. There's something about an RS that lends itself to a few steamy[ish] scenes--what is it about life-threatening crises that makes us hold onto a loved one so desperately? Or, as we see in RS novels, makes us bond with the first attractive body that enters, stage left? 

Like I said, my book For Love or Duty is contemporary romance. It's also sweet. I'd be tempted to call it a love story because it has that feel to it, but it's not. Love story is more about growing love rather than finding love. The romance is qualified by the boy meets girl. boy and girl fall in love. boy and girl have conflict, making the reader wonder if they'll be together forever. Blackmoment... and resolution, including Happily Ever After. Mine has all that, too. It just doesn't have the sex. 

Is it a thing for me? No. I didn't do it for moral reasons. It's actually the story that drives the heat level of my books. This one did not lend itself to those kind of scenes. Timing was too short, for one. People don't really get physical within weeks of meeting each other... do they?! 

No. Don't answer that.

Last but not least, the military aspect of this book. It could be a little off. I've learned a few things since my husband joined the Army. Not enough. Army life is surely a mystery to be learned over a lifetime. My main character is a Captain... with a name like Morgan, how could he not be? He executes a job I'm pretty sure a company commander would not do. I've been told, NCOs get shit done. So, if messed up details like that really bug you... you should buy my book, anyway[what did you think? I'd discourage you?]. I don't mind being proven wrong. If you're buying my book, you can prove me the Queen of Sheba and I'd smile and ring for room service. hahaha. 

This book was a work in progress a good year before my husband joined the Army. That's my excuse for any missed/inaccurate details. As my knowledge grows, so will by work. 

That's what writing is all about. A detail here, a detail there...
Rome wasn't built in a day [and a book should never have cliches!]. :D
Come back tomorrow for my first day on the countdown to RELEASE! I'll be giving away a copy of A Knight in Her Arms by Debora Dennis. 8 DAYS!

With Love,