Saturday Snippets -- The Sandlot

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of The Sandlot... greatest movie ever. And it was featured at our Minor League Baseball Team's stadium. Which actually reminds me of the time I saw Angels in the Outfield at The Pirates' stadium in Pittsburgh, years and years ago. :D That was fun.

So, today... A snippet. :D Well, just the trailer. Someone needs to add a few more clips to youtube. ;)

Deep in the Stuff--another apology post

I really hate these, but it's human nature to feel this urge to apologize and make excuses for not blogging...

It's ridiculous, actually. I mean, the assumption is that anyone cares. And it implies responsibility to the virtual universe, which I'm not claiming. haha.

Anyway, long time no see.

Summer is in full swing, as you can tell. I'm loving this freedom from the schedule. I think perhaps I will enjoy retirement and the empty nest phase of life. I just love not having any routine or structure. I want to sit and write as the whim calls me!!  :D I love not having to get on the road by 0700 hours in order to get the kids to school.

That's not to say that we have nothing to do...

The kids seem happy with only the usual bouts of boredom that every mother expects. We're breaking that up with activities, television, friends, outings.

On the writing note, I'm working my way through the ending of this manuscript, Winter Craze. I have another manuscript in mind to start working on, and I have revisions that I'll be working on through July. The story I sent to Samhain was well-received and they told me if I wanted to make a few changes, they'd look at it again. Whoot! That's a revise and resub. Yikes! I'm busy!

And I'm loving every minute of it.
Hope everyone is enjoying summer like I am.
Don't forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.
With love,

5K x 4

Just a personal note today... besides being so flipping behind in blogging, I did my fourth 5K this evening. Thanks to a good friend for pushing me to it in the first place. And to my husband who, by just being his annoyingly fit self, is inspiration personified. Love you, Babe.

I met the ADA [American Diabetes Association] lady at the run tonight. They've got the TourdeCure happening on Saturday. Maybe I'll volunteer some time for that...if it hasn't burnt to the ground by then.

Say a prayer for all the people who have lost homes today. Going to be another dry, dry, awful, hot summer. It's so early!! And already the countryside is being ravaged by flames.

Speaking of flames, don't forget to come by the group blog. Through Heart-Shaped Glasses is in full swing this month, talking about loooove, romance, and WEDDINGS! It is June, you know.

Have a great week.
With Love,
Another quiet Sunday afternoon...
After brunch with the family and FIL, I should totally be writing...dude.

But I'm sort of surfing around, double checking my email, and stopping at a few blogs.

It's an ideal day...
Don't we all live for those warm end of summer days when the entire family is home? With my Hubby working on the car and my little fans scattered about the house doing one or another thing, I'm happy.

I might call a girlfriend....
write another scene from my WW2 novel...
sit outside under the tree and watch a real man get down and dirty with car grease...

I might drink a beer...or a glass of wine.
I might even READ!
Holy Moley...what am I still doing sitting here?

Have a great day.

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