Take on the World

Today I started a new routine. I had one of those weekends  where I got absolutely nothing [that I wanted to] done. Specifically, writing. This came on the heels of a Spring Break, which was spent either taking care of sick kids or being sick. So my plans to get out that week a couple times while the kids weren't busy at school--yes, use them to babysit!--didn't happen. The ski trip that was supposed to be Wednesday was moved to Thursday, and that killed two mornings as well...

After all that, I knew I was in a place where I was going to have to make adjustments. If I want to publish 4 books between November and March, I need to work! One of those books isn't even started, three need revisions and edits. I can't really afford to putz around. 

This morning at 4am, I woke up and worked for an hour and a half. I edited/revised 13 pages and added 800 words. This is a great start to today!! And it makes the quality time I spend with my Littles throughout the day more precious because I won't be distracted and resenting it. 

Real life is busy. And even though I consider writing a part of my 'real life', I must be honest with myself and my calling. I'm a wife and a mother first. That means children, laundry, food, hugs, kisses, tears... all the things that bring heart to my busy world. 

Now, I just have to keep this up. Tomorrow is another day, another start. Discipline is NOT my middle name! But, I'm going to keep going, keep trying. Knowing that I have even an hour's worth of work done every morning should increase my production by 100%. 

What are you doing today to increase your potential for success?

Where is Success?

We've been talking about Success [yes, i'm going to capitalize that word in the blog post], and how to get it, in my critique group. We've been talking about Street Teams--these fan clubs put together by an author that spread the word when new books come out. We've talked about the writing. The promotion and marketing....

So many variables in reaching Success. How do we get it right? Where is Success? WHAT is Success?

The bottom line? Success is different for everyone.


That's it?! That's what you have for us? [the crowd groans in disappointment]

I know, but it's true. Success is personal and it is attained by each author differently.

For me, Success comes in writing a book. I don't care if I never sell it. When I have a completed manuscript in front of me, and I know it's the best I can do, I'm happy. I'm successful. This is a big deal. Do you want to know why? Most writers never finish that manuscript. NEVER. Even when it seems like everyone around me is writing, finishing, and selling manuscripts, in my head, I know that there are just as many and then a lot more people who aren't.

Maybe that makes me too laidback...maybe I should aim higher! But, my other belief maintains that Success is all about the long tail [as one of my crit partners so nicely put it]. Have you ever heard about that writer who worked for years and years and years on the same manuscript? Wrote, rewrote, edited-to-death, and then wrote again? That's just not going to work. We have to keep moving. Start new projects, finish projects, let go of the ones that will never ever sell no matter what we do to them. This isn't easy. I have a Romantic Suspense series. Three books of that series are written, but I have yet to be able to sell the first one. ACK! I love this story! About once a year, I pull this story out and I try to "fix" it. But more and more, I think...maybe it wasn't meant to be. :'(  So sad, but truth. And if I don't waste a month every year messing with it, think of all the other stuff I could do.

Authors have to be able to put more books on the market. Every year, another one or two or even three if we're lucky. Persistance. Secondary to that is the promotion and marketing.

Yes, I believe promotion and marketing is important and it works! I know it works. I've seen it work with my own books. But it's short term. You can't promo the hell out of one book for the next ten years. Eventually, you have to have another book to give the readers, or they will forget about you.

Think long-term. Think GREAT writing and stories that capture a heart. People love books. People buy books, and they'll continue doing so until the end of time--even if it does mean digitally. Romance, Horror, Sci-fi, Women's Lit. No matter what you write, writing is the key. Get it down, make it good, and put it out there.

Have a great weekend, friends, and happy writing!
With Love,

Turkey Run?

Matt and I are doing a 5K this morning. [We're going to freeze our rears off!!]

I've been thinking about this whole running thing for a [little] while. I'm okay with it, even if it's not my favorite thing in the whole world, because the idea of running [and the actual running] has added an element of discipline to my life, which wasn't there before.

And guess what?

I'm writing a lot more than I ever did five years ago. Oh, I wrote plenty back then, but it was always on a whim, never by the determination to work daily and get it done. I let my muse lead the way...

And sometimes, a person [me] needs to take success by the reins.

How about you? If it's not writing, what helps you take your own life in your hands and do something with it?


How does the New Year look from the rear?
It looks a little FAT.
Like it needs some discipline and maybe a good run or two.
It looks like it needs to cut out carbohydrates!

Still, the year is anxious to get started.
It has big plans. And I just hope I can keep up.

Overall, I have five manuscripts to write this year and at least two or three more that I'll be editing and revising and subbing to publishers. I plan to stay very busy...and happy, too. I love writing!

This will be the first year in two years where I don't have to move. No grand plans, no change in career, no roller coaster. I'm sitting up, leaning forward into the New Year, and hoping for success. I hope you'll stick with me and stop in for a visit every now and again.

God Bless 2013!
With Love,

Sunday Summation

Tomorrow is the first day of my new... routine.
Time to buckle down--again. Get off my pity party and find the direction to go.

Writing goal:
Short term, sub one of my Single Titles to Entangled Publishing. I'm going through a few small edits.

Long term, PRAY, and write. hahaha. It's true though. Part of me wonders if this loss of work isn't some kind of sign from God. But you know, with most of my work of the last several months gone, I've got nothing to lose.

5am -- wake up call, write for one hour, no internet/social media
...followed by lots of your regularly scheduled programming: kids, housework, kids, errands, meals, kids...
8pm -- kids bedtime, write for one and a half hours

So, that's two and a half hours of writing work a day. Like hell if that's not enough time to get something done! Right?

Wish me luck, and if you're the praying sort, I could use some.
With Love,