My sister asked, Did you get the synopsis done?

I'm just about there. I took it from 9 single spaced pages to 1.5 double spaced pages, and now I'm getting some feedback on it. I think, after the weekend, I'll be ready to start sending my stuff out. *quaking stomach*

Mom's Night Out at Nikki's was sooooo much fun. Wonderful ladies. Wonderful food. Wonderful drink. Sometimes, it's nice to just get out. :D And I do so, often.

Have a great weekend, friends.

Completing a manuscript

My WW2 is finished at just over 33k.
I've started revisions. And that's actually fun for me. Bwahahaha.
You can hate me if you want!

I have 112 pages...
and I've done 15 so far today.
There are some simple word changes and other less simple expansions.

These are my notes so far for these revisions.
1) things to remember
a. Margaret is a US citizen. [she was a UKer]
b. Mark has blue eyes. [i'm always finding different descriptions as I go along.]
c. Margaret is taller than shorter but not tall. LOL I crack myself up.
2) Conflict
a. They were married on the spur of the moment.
1. mark is freaked out
2. Margaret is uncertain but certain :D
b. Margaret gets involved in activities that put her in cahoots with the bad guy, a German spy.

When I'm finished here, I'll send it to my Critique Partner.
And then we'll really see.

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