Speed Bumps

I think it was the Commonwealth of Virginia that used to have signs along the road that said, HUMP everytime there was a speed bump on the road. Why? What kind of idiot has to go against the standard and be different? Needless to say, those signs didn't last. I think they say, Speek Hump, which is still weird. My husband would look at me funny everytime we passed one of those signs and I'd say, "Now?" and he'd say, "It's the law." LMAO.
I've hit a few speed bumps since the New Year so I decided to slow down. Funny thing, though, someone said to me, slow down! The publishing industry works/runs very slooooowly. I think slowing down is a fine idea, but I'm not sure that's the reason for it. I mean, who cares how slow the industry goes? This is NOTHING against the friend who said that. I agree that the industry allows me the flexibility to set a pace that isn't going to stress me out. [something I hadn't done...and i was a little stressed]
On the other hand, lucky me that the industry makes such slow progress, because I can do two or three times the amount of work in the same amount of time it takes them to read my query, request and deny my manuscript [yes, the other option is accept/contract...but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?]. In a way, the industry is giving writers everything we need to be the best we can be...TIME.
So, stop grumbling and WRITE!
Have a great week.