An Angel's Sword

Just to shake things up a little on the blog: I'm skipping Sunday Summation for a discussion on Angels [which, despite how the image portrays, I don't believe have a gender...][another reason for fiction!! :D]. myspace graphic commentsPhoto courtesy of Zwani Graphics
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Besides Truth, what is an Angel's sword composed of? [yes, i'm ending my sentence with a preposition]

That's my contemplation for the day. I'm finishing my October Novella, my story of Aarden the angel and Rachel the granddaughter of Mother Nature. It wouldn't be a true angel story without at least one battle, and this story has one, as well as a few other instances of conflict.

When I asked my husband, he thoughtfully made the suggestion that an Angel's sword was made of light. 
"Like, a light saber?" I asked, and we both laughed. 
Yup. That right. It's a great idea, but as I told angel, in angel form--cuz he's got a human form, too--wears light. Sort of. Not like he's naked, but just that he's an angel so he doesn't exactly have clothes as we do on earth. 

Then I was thinking, maybe silver! Silver is harder than gold, anyway. And it's a natural, God-made, element from the earth. Not like steel, which is forged. What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think silver is strong enough? Maybe it doesn't matter if it is strong enough, eh? It's all make-believe anyway...

Besides, we all know the truth cuts like a sword, so maybe I should play with that idea a little more. I mean, if my demons are developing anti-angel arms [like armory arms], why shouldn't the truth actually be a substance you can cut with? hmmmm?