I know I already posted today, so I should probably save this for later...but like Matt says, I'm an opportunist. And seriously, I'd totally forget.

We watched The Empire Strikes Back with the kids tonight. I might not be as bad as Eric Forman [sp?] from That 70's Show, but I do love Star Wars...

Well, I realized tonight that Yoda is my own personal literary Jedi! When Luke says, "I'll try--"

No! Not try, do. Do or not do... there is no try.

It's so freaking clear! I am going to explain my excitement. I think using try as a verb is telling. I have a friend that hates the word had in a ms... and I find some amusement when she goes through and deletes all the hads. :) [love you anyway, steph!]. Well, my thing is try, tried. Ugh! I just hate it. Like most telling, writers avoid it, but there are also instances when it's okay. That being said...

If someone tries to do something and fails... not do. So I'd rather SEE what and how it doesn't happen. Like trying to open a door, OR using each key consecutively and having no luck, the door didn't open, OR she pulled on the door with all her might, but it still didn't budge.

Anyway, I think my family thought I was crazy because I just laughed and laughed after hearing Yoda say that... and it really is a serious part of the movie. Luke does not believe and that is why he fails.

I believe I will be published. :D

Photo from Listphile