Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things the kids loved about The Science Museum

1.... The Hamster Wheel - is really hard to get that human size wheel to turn!

2. The bathrooms - the tiles were really cool! rocks in the boys, water in the girls.

3. Elevator number one - a glass one, you could see everything!

4. Elevator number two - had psychadelic patterns in the metal surface.

5. The drinking fountain - what is it about a water fountain, anyway?

6. The twirly coin toss - of which they emptied my pockets before we left.

Oh right...
7. There was the big Dinosaur that moved. Scared the crap out of Thomas but he got over it.

8. The Tornado - very cool

9. The computer games - after this exhibit, I was hardpressed to get Thomas interested in anything else.

10. The really gross vidoes of transplanting organs, a heart - EW.

11. A walk across I64 - standing on glass while cars zoomed under.

12. We ALMOST built an arch - we were just too short!

13. The kids LOVED knowing how much it cost to send them to the moon - it was appropriate for Thomas as I was ready to. LOL. Love that kid, he's just three that's all.

Oh, and I have to do one more...
14. Standing under the ledge of the roof as water poured off. Fun, lots of fun.

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