So flexible...

When I was a kid, I was a gymnast. I could do the splits like nobody's business. Backbends and all sorts of fun, flexible maneuvers. 

I'm still flexible. I can touch my toes--from a standing position--and not fall over! But mostly, my flexibility these days is in adjusting to life's sudden changes.

Just a week ago, I was determined to get up early every morning and write from 0400 to 0600. These are the quiet hours in my house. Do you know what happened? My 19 month old decided waking up early was fun! My middle schooler couldn't get his homework done before 9pm. And there was so much going was impossible to get to bed early enough for me to wake up at that hour. The household went into reject mode over my new idea of ideal. Subconsciously, it was like they all had it out for me. [not that I blame them...not really. Okay, a little]

The thing is, I have a goal. The goal is to reach the goal!! The goal is not to get there a certain way. So, I change things up. Last night, I spent the last hour of my day, working on my shit. It worked. I wrote over 500 words, and took care of a few business items on my list.

I'm going to tiptoe through this change and hope that no one, in God's name, notices that I have started something new! Because heaven help them all if I get to my deadline in May and not have a manuscript that is ready to go to the editor!!! >:( Grrr.

Take on the World

Today I started a new routine. I had one of those weekends  where I got absolutely nothing [that I wanted to] done. Specifically, writing. This came on the heels of a Spring Break, which was spent either taking care of sick kids or being sick. So my plans to get out that week a couple times while the kids weren't busy at school--yes, use them to babysit!--didn't happen. The ski trip that was supposed to be Wednesday was moved to Thursday, and that killed two mornings as well...

After all that, I knew I was in a place where I was going to have to make adjustments. If I want to publish 4 books between November and March, I need to work! One of those books isn't even started, three need revisions and edits. I can't really afford to putz around. 

This morning at 4am, I woke up and worked for an hour and a half. I edited/revised 13 pages and added 800 words. This is a great start to today!! And it makes the quality time I spend with my Littles throughout the day more precious because I won't be distracted and resenting it. 

Real life is busy. And even though I consider writing a part of my 'real life', I must be honest with myself and my calling. I'm a wife and a mother first. That means children, laundry, food, hugs, kisses, tears... all the things that bring heart to my busy world. 

Now, I just have to keep this up. Tomorrow is another day, another start. Discipline is NOT my middle name! But, I'm going to keep going, keep trying. Knowing that I have even an hour's worth of work done every morning should increase my production by 100%. 

What are you doing today to increase your potential for success?

Deep in the Stuff--another apology post

I really hate these, but it's human nature to feel this urge to apologize and make excuses for not blogging...

It's ridiculous, actually. I mean, the assumption is that anyone cares. And it implies responsibility to the virtual universe, which I'm not claiming. haha.

Anyway, long time no see.

Summer is in full swing, as you can tell. I'm loving this freedom from the schedule. I think perhaps I will enjoy retirement and the empty nest phase of life. I just love not having any routine or structure. I want to sit and write as the whim calls me!!  :D I love not having to get on the road by 0700 hours in order to get the kids to school.

That's not to say that we have nothing to do...

The kids seem happy with only the usual bouts of boredom that every mother expects. We're breaking that up with activities, television, friends, outings.

On the writing note, I'm working my way through the ending of this manuscript, Winter Craze. I have another manuscript in mind to start working on, and I have revisions that I'll be working on through July. The story I sent to Samhain was well-received and they told me if I wanted to make a few changes, they'd look at it again. Whoot! That's a revise and resub. Yikes! I'm busy!

And I'm loving every minute of it.
Hope everyone is enjoying summer like I am.
Don't forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.
With love,

Sunday Summation

Tomorrow is the first day of my new... routine.
Time to buckle down--again. Get off my pity party and find the direction to go.

Writing goal:
Short term, sub one of my Single Titles to Entangled Publishing. I'm going through a few small edits.

Long term, PRAY, and write. hahaha. It's true though. Part of me wonders if this loss of work isn't some kind of sign from God. But you know, with most of my work of the last several months gone, I've got nothing to lose.

5am -- wake up call, write for one hour, no internet/social media
...followed by lots of your regularly scheduled programming: kids, housework, kids, errands, meals, kids...
8pm -- kids bedtime, write for one and a half hours

So, that's two and a half hours of writing work a day. Like hell if that's not enough time to get something done! Right?

Wish me luck, and if you're the praying sort, I could use some.
With Love,