#SaturdaySeven Facebook Interests

Somedays I find myself scrolling through Facebook…and occasionally, I find myself chuckling and laughing or even a bit mesmerized. For a wee bit this afternoon that happened to me. So I think I will show you a few things that caught my eye as I wasted….several minutes [or more]…scrolling through social media.


This one made me laugh because I still recite the prayer I learned in 2nd grade…and only this year was I told that most adults don’t…they pray spontaneously, heartfelt offerings of apology, remorse, and change. LOL Well, not sure this is what they want, but I may try it.

Without being directly political, this one makes an interesting point. Why IS the government shut down?


Hey…wait a minute!!

I shared this with my workout group. Sometimes, that medal is worth it!!


Speaking of the workout group… this image from 2017 that came up on social media today made me very grateful for 2018 and how I changed my life around. Sometimes we need that reminder. Not me so much…. but it is a funny thing to realize and know that no one who meets me right now will understand who I am. They might think I’ve always been a workout nutball. #dontforgetthepast


Um, helloooo!! This is amazing book inspiration. I love every part of this…the famous brother, the pilot, the shadow he lives in. How do you really feel about this? Are you close? How can I make you suffer? <—All questions an author would ask herself. :D :D

So many truths. I think sometimes we experience these all at once. From both sides!! :D

I hope you enjoyed this third edition of #SaturdaySeven.

Read something!! Get off Facebook! And have a great weekend.



#SaturdaySeven Blogging

I had an all day workshop to attend today, so here I am… after serving Little Caesar’s to the family for dinner, sitting down to post my Saturday Seven.

When attending training [of any kind], SEVEN thing you’ll learn:

  1. You might have a low tolerance for extra talking.

  2. You’ve become cynical in your old age!

  3. Laughing makes the time go by more quickly.

  4. Coffee [or caffeine] is a must…

  5. But go easy on the liquids because bathroom breaks only come occasionally.

  6. Sharing experiences and life makes a group grow fonder.


If you’ve ever been to a conference or workshop, you know what I’m talking about, right? If you stop in to visit, let me know something you’ve learned while attending a workshop.

My kids start school this week, and I’m excited to get back into a routine. The Christmas break went too fast, but the kids are ready and quite bored! It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m looking forward to getting some writing done this week.


With Love,


#SaturdaySeven Blogging


Ever since Y2K [and for those of you too young to remember, think end of days. At the time, I lived in a small town in Ohio, and people were storing up toilet paper, canned goods, guns and ammo.

Every year since then, I have a moment before the new year where my imagination runs away from me, and I think, “Maybe it will happen this year.”

What if Y2K was the red herring?

What if computer systems everywhere shut down, imploded, or…decoded…or whatever it was they were likely to do when the calendar rolled over to 2000, THIS YEAR? In a way, my brain is giving me a nudge to live every day to the fullest. If this is my last day able to access the world through my computer…what would I do?

  1. Ration Insulin: [maybe I need to turn my auto-reorder back on and start stocking up!]

  2. Go find me a typewriter.

  3. Stock up on pencil and paper and those little pencil sharpeners.

  4. Send out an email to all my loved ones…

  5. Take all of the survey and Games that I usually avoid. Yes, I’m curious…but I usually just don’t have time and I know, practically, it’s a waste of my time.

  6. Collect addresses from friends who I’ve never met: you never know when the end of the world will create an opportunity to travel the country—by what little gas you have left and then by foot or bike! #lifetothefullest #VegasBaby

  7. Pull out that 100 year old coffee grinder, clean it, and sharpen those blades!

First ever #SaturdaySeven!! Getting a jump on the new year and wanting to keep up with blogging. Don’t hold me to it just yet… but it’s a start. If you want to join me, use the hashtag #SaturdaySeven. Leave me a link, and I’ll come visit your blog. #oldschoolblogging #whenbloggingwassocialmedia