Revisions and Rewrites

It's true...i'm in it big time on Unwanted Vows.
There's this myth that an author doesn't want to mess with "their baby," that they've raised this manuscript from infancy and it's perfect. But I don't agree. I find that the hesitation to change something has more to do with the ripple effect.

Yes, one change instigates numerous others. Even when I get down to the nitty gritty and find a new brilliant way to show exactly what I mean without causing the most havoc, I find there is at least one surprise.

For example, one little change, postponing a "first date" by a couple of weeks, totally screws with my day-care dilemma. When the first date ends up being at the hero's parents' home and the hero's mother graciously offers to help out with the baby until the heroine can find a permanent spot in one of the nurseries in town... well that's divine providence.

Unfortunately, without that date... i need to make more stuff up.

Back to the drawing board, if you will.

But maybe it's a good thing because my heroine is inclined to keep to herself and NOT ask for help--oh, the humility, the pride! I guess she's going to have to step out of her comfort zone.

Definitely, not a bad thing. And perhaps, better than what was written originally, eh?