Plotting is Hard

Does plotting kill the story or make it better?

I'm struggling with this right now. I believe I have a talent. A story-telling talent. I see a story in my head. The natural ebbs and flows, ups and downs come easily to me. But sometimes, if I sit and try to identify the elements I've created, I can't.

How do the characters grow?

I don't have the analytical mind. I can't always see those types of things.

Have they grown? Sure. They have to! They did this and that and the other thing to get to their Happily-Ever-After. That doesn't happen without change. No. Don't ask me to tell you how they grow!! They just grow, darn it!

So...this is why plotting and narrowing the storyline is hard for me. I love to have a story plotted. Don't get me wrong. I think having the end in sight is crucial to getting there. I didn't used to be a plotter at all, and those stories need the most work.

I might have to fight the plot i'm working on, but I'm determined to write a story that has as little revisions as possible. Lots to think about. Lots to do.

...and did I mention I'm still editing and revising? *eyeroll*

Trip to the PX postponed

So, i showered, got ready to go to the PX and then looked at the teary, whiny, leg-clinging baby at my feet and decided she needed a nap or I might as well shoot myself.

I'm actually sitting here editing one of my manuscripts, a novella length romantic suspense, while she sleeps. And it really hit me how I've never taken advantage of my time. What do I mean? Well, many writers will tell you, write the story then put it aside for a while. Take a break... weeks, months, you decide.

I don't usually do that. I like to push through to the end in one fell swoop.

But as I go through this manuscript again for the oh...tenth time or more, I really am seeing it with new eyes! It hit me at one point that my MC coming out with a statement about losing his sight is way too out-of-the-blue. I never saw that before, but that's probably because I was in his head enough to hear his thoughts about it... I know that sounds crazy. And really, I do NOT let my characters write their own stories, but I do listen to them.

Anyway, it's a fresh start and I'm glad for it. :D What about you? You take the time to shove your story in the corner before taking it through revisions?

BTW, best decision ever to not hit the PX first thing. It'll be nice to get out just before lunch and then splurge--in the minor[ist] of fashions--on lunch for me and the baby. It would be really nice to meet up with my hubby, too...but that's way hit or miss. :D

Have a great weekend, the last before CHRISTMAS!
With love,

Do I reCopy?

That's what I've been asking myself for the past week.
Do I take my revisioned final to the copier and spend another $25 to get the hard copy?
I think I should, because it's very hard to read nonactively while in a word program.
All of a sudden I'm seeing details, when I WANT the whole picture.


What do you do? Have many hard copies do you make before you're able to put your manuscript aside as completed?

Me? Two, if this ms is any indication.