A workshop review

I joined Candace Haven's Write_Workshop last week.
The assignment is to write a positive review.

Bottom line in a review for me is how much did I like the book. The part about why isn't always addressed as easily as the negative. Why is it so easy to point out the negative?

I've decided that my new goal in writing [and on my review blog] is to make a solid list of likes when I read a book. Even the worst book ever written has to have something likable in it. Even if it's just one tiny little phrase that made me chuckle or think or smile or snort.

I'd like to have a smart list of things to apply to my own work, rather than a long obnoxious list of things I would never do [but probably will do anyway]. ;-)

The timing on this assignment couldn't have come at a better time. As you can see in my side bar, I'm reviewing another Harlequin Intrigue this Sunday for TGOB. This is my third HI. And it's the third time I've been disappointed. Ugh! I don't want to be disappointed anymore!

One thing that makes this review hard to do is that I visited Kathleen Long's webpage. And I found a nice person, friendly, dedicated, passionate--someone like myself. I know that sounds crazy, but I really don't want to talk badly about a nice person... even if my head tells me it's not the person I'm reviewing.

1. pacing--Ms. Long took her time to create a fast paced story.
2. plot--the story was well plotted. With a few red herrings, she kept me guessing.

I really think Kathleen Long's book has potential. My biggest beef was the balance of suspense to romance. It was hard for me to believe her hero and heroine knew each other well enough to have fallen head over heels. I wouldn't mind reading a few more of her books to see how she has developed her craft. For a more in depth review remember to visit The Girls on Books this Sunday.

What is your bottom line after reading a book?
Is it easier for you to point out the negative or the positive?
How does reading and reviewing help you on your journey to publication?