...The Tough get writing.

What's your quirk?
I have one. Do you want to know what it is? No? Well, then stop reading now!

I have trouble finishing my mss. Not in a way that I don't have the story ready to go and be written, more like the closer I get to the end, the slower I write. WHAT?! I know!! Seems like lots of writers I know get toward the end and then find themselves racing to it.

Not me. Nope.

I can see the ending of this story. I can feel it! It's right there. But I am struggling to get it on the screen. I hem. I haw. I hesitate. Promo for a different book happens. So does redesigning my blog or my webpage. Facebook helps... not.

Not sure if it's the black moment I am avoiding or the Happily-Ever-After. *shrug* But I have both to write. So I better get to it.

Happy Hump Day friends.
With Love,