Fools Rush In...

...and other movies men will watch.

Does your significant other have any secret girl movies he likes to watch?

Mine loves two, Fools Rush In and Overboard [you have to watch it. It's excellent]. Why is that excellent? ...Because I want to watch it.

I think this scene from Fools Rush in is one of the favorites... he often likes to say, "...the white people are melting out here!"

Although, this is definitely a favorite scene, too...

When I wrote my book Letters From Home and the newest, unpublished WIP from the same series, I had this movie in mind. I just love the melding of these two families. The surprises, the fun, and the wee-little-bit of heartache... It's a great way to show how love can happen to anyone.


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Passionate Critters -- Easter Scavenger Hunt!

The Grand Passionate Critters Easter Scavenger Hunt
Did you know…
The Easter Bunny was first mentioned in German writings in the 1500s. The first edible Easter Bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s.

During the 1700s it was introduced to American folklore by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch county.

Some people there still call it "Oschter Haws".

The Easter Bunny, aka Mr. Hide Egg and Scarper, told us he's having a few leftover eggs this year.

Naturally, we don't like anything going to waste, so we said we'd help him out.

So we decided rather than hide all our eggs at Easter…we'd do something a little different.
Hence "GPCESH" was born.
Starting today, you will find a question (or two!) on our blog every day, until the 24th April 2011.

Find the answer(s) and email it (them) to us (Don't worry, we'll give you clues), and there are prizes to be had. We will do random drawings throughout, and you never know – you might get something you like. It could be a book, or a goody bag, or chocolate, or…something…else.

All the entries will go into a daily/weekly pot, and the winner(s) drawn from that.
Be sure to enter every day, and your name will go into the Final Draw — which will win an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift voucher.

The Final Draw winner will be announced after the 24th, to get the last day answers into the pot as well.
We has Rulez. 'Natch.
So here they are:
Only entries emailed to the dedicated contest email address qualify – the link will be beneath the question.

Entries not having a subject line of "Day X Answer" will be disqualified. (If you use the daily link, it is already set up, all you need to do is click on it.)

To win the main prize of an Amazon / B&N gift voucher, you must enter every day, with the same name/email address. (Even if you get it wrong on some days!)

Contest winners will be announced on our blog, here. (Be sure to check.)

You should leave a comment on the various blogs, if you can. (Don't post the answers!)

We won't tell you the answers until the very last day! (25th)

Have fun!!


We would appreciate if you you could tweet, facebook, or blog the contest. Not a must, but please spread the word!
We may also sneak in an "Egg 'n' Ketchup Day", for any who missed a day or two.

The questions won't be the same, and you won't be eligible for the previous days prizes, but you'll still get a shot at the Grand Prize.