Who are your Friends?

It really struck me that I have to surround myself with people who make me a better person and who inspire me to be a better person. Sometimes I wonder what kind of balance I have to have in order to maintain character status quo.

I have to want to work hard, play hard, succeed,  and pray. Not necessarily in that order. When I'm on Facebook too much, I know the play side of my balance is going to be too heavy. If I hang only with my writing group in a week, I'll probably find myself focused on work more than I should.

Perhaps it has to do with accountability as well. Easy to hide under so many hats! Sheesh. I'm serious about that. For what it's worth, there's nothing like my husband to keep me grounded, though. My husband and kids. Heck, yeah. :D

My new journey involves time management. haha. This year, create a better balance.