7 people in a one bedroom

It's said that military families need to be flexible.
We're learning that now.
And learning that PCSing takes practice.
Permanent Change of Station
When a change of orders instigates a move to a new Post, the whole family picks up and follows along.
But I'm finding that it's not so much following...as leading the way.
Together, of course. But still, women think of things that men don't always think of...
and men think of things that women don't always think of...

Together is better.
We'll learn.

For example, next time... screw permissive TDY--paid-for leave, which is the time they allow you to find a place to live. But if you find a place to live before you get to your new station, you forfeit the leave. Well, forfeit the leave. It's no good, coming to a place and having to live in a hotel for almost a week. All that money you get to move??? It disappears PDQ when you live in a hotel. :D

No news here yet.
I did get some writing done this morning while all the kids slept. Yay!