Airborne -- More training

I realize it's Miracle Monday and that this post will veer slightly from that output, but I could say it's a miracle [and a little bit of mercy] that my husband is in Airborne School this morning. By an oversight not his own, my husband missed reporting for Airborne a couple of weeks ago.

For all you military wives out there, you understand the seriousness of not following orders. The bottom line isn't always WHY. I suppose that's true in life for everyone. Do you remember as a kid when we'd fight with our siblings? Mom would whip out her mean yelling voice and the hammer would come down. But she didn't care a flying leap about who did what... We were all sent to our rooms.

Anyhoo, on the mercy of his commanding officer, Matt's in school for the next three weeks. Yay. He's really excited about jumping out of planes. He's crazy. Do you ever look at the turn your life has taken by entering the military and wonder if someone is a little crazy? :D haha. I do. But maybe it's not crazy, maybe it's just maleness... haha, I can use that in a story.

All in all though, I do love how training is ongoing. Today Airborne, tomorrow Ranger School... then what? The Army life is our oyster.