When Fiction isn't really Fiction

My neighbor said to me tonight, "why fiction? You should write about this, real life. Like today, with Matt and I getting the manure, and the Hadleys coming by. Sean walking over to my house all by himself." He gestured with his hands. "You can't make this stuff up!"

But he doesn't get... most people don't get it. What do they think is in my stories? Where do they think I get my ideas, my inspirations? I may write fiction, but maybe my fiction isn't really fiction afterall.


On the other hand, Rocky's input is also very insightful. I could journal. It would be neat to go back and read it later in life. But, I couldn't write those things with the thought in mind that someday, by writing and publishing them, my work would finally be worthwhile. [he wasn't suggesting that either, so don't think less of Rocky for it]

As writers, we don't have to write what we know. I don't hold to that rule of thumb. God gave us an imagination, we should use. From experience, though, I'm writing a story now that has been fun to write, and that's because it's full of all the things I know and love. *shrug* What can you do?

Whatever. Just keep doing. That's all I say.