Miracle Monday

I found a Parking Spot at Martin Army Community Hospital. 
That is a MIRACLE!  :D

I'm just thankful today for military life. Even with its ups and downs, I find it has an odd sense of order that I can understand and appreciate. Might make me one of a few..! But when it comes right down to it, I'd rather deal with the military's EFMP or ACS or whatever acronym I happen to need than head to the city or county or state human services... :P

And with a special need kid, that's what I'd be doing. 

Someone else commented about this, and I agree. The sense of community and helpfulness is greater within the Army family than I've ever found in the gov't system [with a few exceptions, of course].  I think it's because....

We're all in it together, working the system, benefitting from the system, trying to maintain or better our quality of life.

Type I Diabetes and Exercise

Such a beautiful peaceful weekend.
Yes, I forgot about my daughter's confirmation retreat...
Saturday ended up being about family and a few house chores, listening to music, sleeping in, relaxing. Oops. Not a good recipe for taking care of business. And maybe a retreat isn't exactly business...but it just slipped.

Embarrassingly. LOL :D But I will not regret how my weekend played out over it.


Yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend about running [for me, walking]. We chatted about eating and maintaining energy, which seems to be an issue for me, has always been an issue for me.

This morning, I got so mad! I had a small bowl of cereal early (6am) and took my insulin as I should...not over-dosing, which I often do when eating cereal because cereal is the DEVIL. When my insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor alarmed a rising high, I wasn't surprised. But I didn't bolus again!!! Like a good girl, I waited! Again, doing something out of the norm...cuz usually I'd be all over another bolus in that frantic race to beat that high back down... (impulse can rule). I ate a three egg omelet at about 7:45. Left the house at about 8:20 to go walk and before I even got on the path at Britt David Park to start my morning routine, my pump/monitor was beeping a low. Two downward arrows!  grrr.  I swear. I was not happy.  I ate my daughter's animal crackers and headed out to walk at about 8:40. Walked a slllloooooow mile, finishing right at about 9. Had to stop.

I swear! I have to figure this eating/exercising ratio. Last week was fine, so I know it's possible. But I can't have days like this. Even when I don't start low...last week ended with me being pretty frustrated, because the second mile I would struggle. My legs would be really tired. Where is all my energy! This whole exercising thing should be getting easier and easier as i go along... but it's not getting easier. I'm holding. Not harder, not easier, doing the same routine. Hmm.

As long as I don't stop, I guess that's good. Maybe I'm just too impatient. :D
Tell me--diabetic or not--what do you eat before exercising???
With Love,

Miracle Monday

How about...
I need a miracle this week!
If you're a diabetic, you know illness can cause wacky sugar levels and mine have been slightly off. Just a hair. Just enough for me to be pulling my hair out. Then by the end of today, I got a funny feeling in the back of my throat. Not a good feeling.

I'm drinking lots of water and keeping my fingers crossed. Must be the weather! You just can't figure it. LOL

Miracle Monday

Miracle Monday
Maybe this isn't so much a miracle, but it is a blessing...
See, Matt was originally assigned to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. He had the option to switch with some other guys in his class. Someone with Fort Riley. Another guy with Fort Hood.
We looked at those, too.
But I know my husband and he was looking for something a little further west...
Like Colorado or Alaska.

And then he called me a couple weeks ago with this great plan!
A four way!! This is where it gets a little complicated.
It starts out like a joke.
4 guys walked into a bar...
One, on his way to Korea.
One, going to Hood.
One, to Carson.
And another to Bragg.

hahaha. Anyway, we're going to Fort Carson.
And we're excited about it...

Up for a Jump -- Miracle Monday

My husband is jumping out of a plane tomorrow and we get to watch. I'm struck by how family friendly a career in the Army can be. When my husband attended his accounting classes, I didn't get to watch or cheer him on. When he took his CPA exams, I didn't get to watch then either! I know!!! And I really wanted to, too. All those numbers... so exciting. ;) What a turn on, the pencil scribbling, the mumbling about codes and taxes. I love that. [okay, time out. Matt used to talk about taxes in a way that made me love him...so, I can't totally sarcastic those thoughts!]

There's a strange balance between serious and exciting in our life now. The training is exciting. I like that I can bring the kids and they can see what dad's doing. Even when we can't be where he is, we often get updates from the company commander, sometimes even through Facebook with photos and videos. It makes it a family affair.

Of course, the need for the training is serious. But knowing he's getting trained helps and being able to see that he gets it done right makes me feel better.

You wanna know what the miracle is [even if it IS a day early]?
Matt, as long as I've known him, has hated heights. Never liked the roofing jobs and would tie himself off in an OCDish manner compared to others who wouldn't even bother. He isn't really scared of being up there...just extra cautious. In a good way, though. I mean, he's never had an accident, ya know? :D So, there you have it. It takes guts, strength and a little bit of miracle to get up there and jump off a plane. :D

Have a great week, friends!
I know I will--5 jumps and a graduation on Wednesday. Hooah!
I love my soldier.

Airborne -- More training

I realize it's Miracle Monday and that this post will veer slightly from that output, but I could say it's a miracle [and a little bit of mercy] that my husband is in Airborne School this morning. By an oversight not his own, my husband missed reporting for Airborne a couple of weeks ago.

For all you military wives out there, you understand the seriousness of not following orders. The bottom line isn't always WHY. I suppose that's true in life for everyone. Do you remember as a kid when we'd fight with our siblings? Mom would whip out her mean yelling voice and the hammer would come down. But she didn't care a flying leap about who did what... We were all sent to our rooms.

Anyhoo, on the mercy of his commanding officer, Matt's in school for the next three weeks. Yay. He's really excited about jumping out of planes. He's crazy. Do you ever look at the turn your life has taken by entering the military and wonder if someone is a little crazy? :D haha. I do. But maybe it's not crazy, maybe it's just maleness... haha, I can use that in a story.

All in all though, I do love how training is ongoing. Today Airborne, tomorrow Ranger School... then what? The Army life is our oyster.