Wounded Warriors in Action

If you're on my blog at all, you've notice the new image in my side bar. It's the logo for Wounded Warriors in Action, an organization motivated to get soldiers back into the game. Hunting. I know not everyone likes hunting or likes the idea of the hunt, but but for those men and women who do appreciate its value, not being able to get out anymore would be tough.

My husband is one of those guys. He loves a quiet morning in the woods, in a tree stand or even on an overturned bucket. He finds it peaceful, and I find it rehabilitating...for me too! haha. He's a much happier person after a day in the woods.

My point is, I like this organization for its focus. There are others I looked at, like the ever popular Wounded Warrior Project. That one's really big. I'm kind of a small-town girl myself. :)

Indefinitely, all proceeds for For Love or Duty will be donated to WWIA.

My husband says, now that I've made that statement I'll make thousands. That's okay with me. The average self-published novel makes $125. That's it. Well, I've made a little more than that....and the numbers keep falling. So before you think I'm some wonderful philanthropist...

I have so much on my plate right now...new submissions, new manuscripts. I have high hopes for this year to sell a few manuscripts and make headway in this industry. Hopefully that will help my first book sell a few copies, too. Either way, I don't expect much...

But if Murphy puts a foot in it, you never know. I might make the bestseller list!
It's a new year so enjoy it.
With Love,

Bethanne 0 [okay, maybe .4], Progressive 1

Well, it's over. Settled. What a crock. Obviously, I'm not over it completely because if you wanted I could sit with you and rant over the injustice of the system for a good bit of time. But, I have other things to do. I have life to live [no thanks to that stupid girl who doesn't know how to drive and is probably still on the road today]. hahaha. :D

Next stop?

My husband's graduation and GEORGIA!
I'm moving to Georgia! ACK! What do I do?!?!

I know. Get rid of my winter coat. What an awesome break that's going to be. I've been living up North so long, a year down south is something to look forward to. Of course, I think I'll always end up back North. I'm a Northern girl at heart. Four seasons. Colorful autumns. Cold winters. Coffee. Lots of blankets. Snuggling down with my lover... and warm bodies. *cough*  Um... well, you get the idea. I do love my jeans!!! :D LOL

For now, the Army has me heading south. I go there excited and enthusiastic because that's where my man is. It is about time for us to be together as a family again. :D Yippee!!

The Cat's out of the Bag

My husband is joining the military. He has been working closely with the Army getting his prereqs completed. He still has calls out to the Navy, but they seem to be absent. There's time, though. Matt is NOT a rusher. He likes to take his time when making decisions, and almost never would he allow someone to force it from him. :D I should know...

I don't mind honoring him a little today. It's five days since my birthday and I'm still floored by his thoughtfulness this year. I was completely surprised when he broke out my [fixed, shiny, new stoned] ring and asked me to marry him. I was surprised by the bike he found and rolled onto the front porch before dessert...not to mention the card shaped like a pickle that said, Bet you didn't expect to get a paper pickle for your birthday. :D Yes, I laughed...

Usually, he waits until the day of my birthday then runs to Walmart for something practical. LOL Not that there's anything wrong with that!
Love you Matt. Bethanne