Music Monday

It's Memorial Day again in the States.
Time to remember all those who made the greatest sacrifice, giving their lives to protect our Country, our freedom. For me, I don't mind hearing people say, Happy Memorial Day. I don't mind if people go out and picnic--laugh, love, live. There were no limitations to the sacrifice. There should be no limitations to the celebration of those lives.

Each one, another life, a man or woman who died so we could live. It only stands to reason that we actually live. We remember them by living. We remember them in life.

And yes, that could mean a barbeque...
or a day hiking...
or sitting under the stars and watching fireworks.

It's not always about going to their grave.
Like Lee Brice says... the warrior we think about on Memorial Day is not there.

So, enjoy your day. Thank God for the sacrifice. Thank a veteran for all he does. And live. Because without that, the sacrifice is lost.

With Love,

Memorial Day

I think we're the only military family that doesn't own a flag of the United States of America. It pains me to admit it. I've always wanted one, but never did anything about it. Why? Perhaps it was a budget issue. I don't know. When I've mentioned a flag to my husband, he brings up the maintenance aspect... who's going to bring it in at night? Or make sure it has a light shining on it?

Now that we're in the Army, I wish we had one even more. It's awkward to be the only house on your block that isn't flying Old Glory. So, I'll fly one here....

Remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and our freedom.
Celebrate the lives they lived and the families they left behind.
Memorial Day 2012