Work it

I'm not one for spreadsheets and math. Excel is my takes my super powers away. But, recently, we had a family discussion.

After being asked this question at work [and knowing the best answer, of course], my husband came home to ask it of the kids.

If I hired you to work for 30 days, would you rather have $10,000 dollars a day or starting at 1 cent, earn double everyday for 30 days. I admit, I've known my husband long enough to know the right answer wasn't the obvious one. He didn't like calling it a "trick" question. Afterall it's not a trick, just math, but the kids all answered with a resounding...give me 10k a day!!

Go the Math. [I'll wait...] Did it look something like this? [only without the cutest little girl in the world?] [and yes, my husband came on and made this Excelsheet for me!]

Sooo, this got me thinking about the writing industry and work, work ethic, longevity. With a market flooded by novels--romance in particular, I'm starting to wonder how many people are willing to take the 10K a day. 

For the really big bucks, you have to be willing to work at least 25 days; you have to be able to work for almost TWENTY DAYS before you see what you'll make in one day at 10K a day. And those first days will be the hardest to get through. Earn a penny?? Work your butt off and not see the results? Ugh. Yuck! In today's age, work for the sake of work is hard to swallow. We want results, now. 

But I really believe that the person who can see this kind of growth, who is willing to hold off on reward and just work, will see a bigger outcome. The truth is, I read a lot of books that I think could have used more work, needed more editing, or just weren't up to par--in general. So, what happened? Was the lure of self-publishing a temptation that couldn't be denied? Everyone else is doing it. Other people are making that 10K a day... 

What happened to the work? People poo-poo traditional publishing, but ten years ago most writers worked for ten years before seeing a return, before making the cut. I think we've lost some of that cut.  There's no need to get the story right, to even listen to the people who know better. The idea of 'this is my story and no one can tell me what to do' has grown out of proportion. I love self-publishing. This isn't a slam on where the industry has gone. I swear it. But...I think the loss of those dreaded gatekeepers--the agents, the NY publishers and editors, even the smallpress publishers and editors--have left the readers with no direction.

I don't want to buy another book that leaves me wanting. I guess, when it comes down to it, I hope the industry can swing back the other way just a little. Find a happier medium than where I feel it is now.

That is all!
What would you rather? $300,000 at the end of the month or $10 million dollars?
Work hard, friends. Be willing to work for nothing. Always push yourself for the sake of doing something to its best.
With Love,