Back to the Basics

...and how Books changed my Life.

Maybe it's not so melodramatic, but books have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, from story books as a kid to reading story books to my kids! There's always been a connection to words that I can't deny.

I've never been discontent--that I can label. I would never admit to needing an escape from "real life." the long run, there could be something to it. At twelve I was diagnosed with diabetes. My love to read might have started then. I do remember my fondest times being with Trixie Belden. Little House on the Prairie. And, The Baby-sitters Club. And even the classics, like Bridge to Terabithia. Seriously?! Who didn't love that book? Or Where the Red Fern Grows? 

I'm often telling my kids to get off the Wii or turn off the television.

And it's probably the best thing for them. But part of me wonders if it isn't just the new escape. A good hour with Shawn and Gus on Psych is probably alot like reading a book. OTOH, let's not forget that the reading helps us use our brains a good bit more than the television does. The television shows us everything--no imagination. I remember reading Bridge to Terabithia and then walking through the woods, wanting my own story. I see my husband read books today, and then talk about "how life could be."

We need that. Need to hope and strive for more than what's in our living rooms. A good romance can teach us about the enduring power of Love. A good mystery can make us use our brains, figuring out who the bad guy is going to be. Really THINK about how to solve a problem. 

Reading can squash our fears. For example, this summer, I'm making my daughter write a report on moths. Yes, moths, folks. She fears moths to the point of refusing to go into a room--even to shower. So far, we've gotten to the point where we can talk about moths [did you know they can live as short as a week?]. I won't say she likes them, but having the facts is a far better resolution than just yelling at her that "moths are harmless! Quit being such a big baby!!"

So, tell has reading changed your life?

Making the Right decision

Yesterday I forced my way through three pages of a ms. Forced being the key word. Wow, I am just struggling to get to the next exciting scene! What's been revealed? What still needs to be revealed? Are the Main Character's emotions progressing along enough that I can give them that first kiss? That internal debate of if the relationship can or should move to the next level?

I made it to the end of yesterday thinking about starting something new. :D I mean, really...when the writing gets tough, take a break, right? Let the muse move you...and all that jazz. So I plotted two new short stories. Or, I should say I outlined two ideas. Not exactly the same as a plot. But this morning, I went back and forth and back and forth.

I knew what I needed to do. Work through the rough stuff. Move forward!!

So, I did. I made the right choice. :P And yes, it's a little difficult, but I think it's for the best. Time to get this manuscript completed. I've only been working on it all year long.


Another choice I made this week, to sign a contract. Yowza!! I have a contract. And I will get picture of it, just so I can post it here, but alas, the signing is electronic--gotta love technology. Maybe I'll sign my copy just to have it. Of course, my copy has been colored on... by a two-year-old. :D :D She helps.


That's news from Bethanne this week. Off I go to write a few more pages of my manuscript. Motivation: the reward of starting something new when I finish. :D Sometimes, we need a little goal-like motivation.

Have a great week.
With Love,

PS my sister who has 8 boys, had a baby girl yesterday!! A girl!! I was so surprised, I didn't even believe it at first! :D Happy Beautiful Birthday, Baby Mary.

Editors and Agents

photo credit: the Albany Devils
Well, in case you're curious....

I have an editor looking at one story--a Christmas novella. Should hear back in a few weeks on that one.

And an agent asked for a partial of one of my novels. Wheehoo! Even if nothing comes from this, any request from an agent is such an ego boost. So, long story: I pitched to an agent this week, which means I wrote up a back-cover blurb and gave her the first 250 words of the story. There were many GREAT pitches. The day before the agent came back to comment on the pitches, I even thought to myself, "Why? Why do you do this? The story is great, but the blurb stinks...the 250 words is hardly enough to catch anyone's eye. No one wants what you're writing. Isn't that obvious by now?"  So, yeah...the torture!! It was a nice turn of events to have her ask for a partial...3 chapters of the story. And I'll throw the synopsis in there as well. *thumbsup*

The weekend is here. My plan to stay busy at the computer will be broken up by family life, friends, and an overall sense of contentment.
Hope yours is the same.
With Love,

Wounded Warriors in Action

If you're on my blog at all, you've notice the new image in my side bar. It's the logo for Wounded Warriors in Action, an organization motivated to get soldiers back into the game. Hunting. I know not everyone likes hunting or likes the idea of the hunt, but but for those men and women who do appreciate its value, not being able to get out anymore would be tough.

My husband is one of those guys. He loves a quiet morning in the woods, in a tree stand or even on an overturned bucket. He finds it peaceful, and I find it rehabilitating...for me too! haha. He's a much happier person after a day in the woods.

My point is, I like this organization for its focus. There are others I looked at, like the ever popular Wounded Warrior Project. That one's really big. I'm kind of a small-town girl myself. :)

Indefinitely, all proceeds for For Love or Duty will be donated to WWIA.

My husband says, now that I've made that statement I'll make thousands. That's okay with me. The average self-published novel makes $125. That's it. Well, I've made a little more than that....and the numbers keep falling. So before you think I'm some wonderful philanthropist...

I have so much on my plate right submissions, new manuscripts. I have high hopes for this year to sell a few manuscripts and make headway in this industry. Hopefully that will help my first book sell a few copies, too. Either way, I don't expect much...

But if Murphy puts a foot in it, you never know. I might make the bestseller list!
It's a new year so enjoy it.
With Love,

Miracle Monday

I've been avoiding this place. I see it around the corner and run the other way. It tries to catch my eye, but I fake a yawn and turn away like I don't see it there. Occasionally, I even pretend we're friends and I sit and chat, but at the last minute I make an excuse that I have to leave... oh the kids are crying or I left something on in the kitchen.

But it's Monday today. And at least today, I can focus on the miracles. Seriously, I need a miracle day. Just one day to remember that life has it's good moments, too. Otherwise, I start focusing on all the stuff that feels off... like my computer problems--darn, technology. :( Or the fact that I feel like an utter failure when it comes to buying b-day presents for my son [shouldn't I know what to buy a boy who is blind?! I birthed him, didn't I? I know what he likes!]. Like how I spend a nice quiet morning with my husband, only for us to find out that he didn't get the message about reporting two and half hours earlier than originally posted, and he might miss out on the schooling that he wants to do. :( Grrrr. And then, when I know it's not his fault to say in my head [and to him, actually], "I told you to carry that damn phone with you!!" You mght have only been a half an hour late if you hadn't left your phone upstairs!

See? See what I mean? No wonder I've been avoiding this place. I'm worried about scaring all my readers away. hahaha.

MIRACLE MONDAY, the reminder that my world is bigger than the annoyances of daily living.

Today i'll go bigger and celebrate my son who was born 6 years ago, yesterday.
When I spent weeks worried about hydrocephelas and mental retardation, shunts and surgeries, I was gifted a son who has no eye on the left and no sight on the right. He is smart. Soooo incredibly smart, he will someday do great things with his extraordinary capabilities.  Until then, he enjoys farting noises and peepee jokes. He loves to read and can tell a great joke. He gives warm hugs and loves just about everyone he meets.