getting your butt in gear

I mean my butt. Getting my butt in gear.

I don't know why I have so much trouble maintaining conflict in a story. I mean, my life is full of conflict. Over the last few weeks, it's been my laptop and Best Buy stealing it from me. It was phone, dying on me. It was my camera finally taking its last picture...

Am I the only one who sees a pattern here?
Thank God my children aren't robots!

A new lap top... yes, it has Windows 8. Hello?! Conflict, anyone? What were they thinking? That we're all a much of shithead kids who can't read anymore? We need blocks and pictures?? hmmm? And no, my laptop does not have a touch screen, so what good does a start menu that I have to scroll sideways do for me? Hmmm? What? And now that we're in the system, there are elements that have been "made" for it.

My poor husband who hates our reliance on technology in general, almost had a hard attack when MSN didn't come up as it usually does. Nope. It had the big blocks for all those young, fat-fingered screen touchers. We didn't get the touch screen...I mean, can you imagine?! 5 kids?! three under the age of ten! Do you know what is on their fingers?!?!?! Sheesh. Gross.

So, some small adjustments, but I admit...I'm getting used to it. I can actually still work from Desktop for the most part, but...mind you, it does make about 45% of MS's new system pretty much useless and a waste of money. Is anyone listening to me? Microsoft? You out there??? A WASTE OF MONEY!

:D Anyhoo...
still writing. did some this morning. editing and trying to figure out how to get the conflict in my real life into the book. Have a great week.
With Love,

Another one bites the dust?!

Never going to buy from Best Buy again.
That's all I have to say... I take that back, I'm too much of a talker for that to be all I have to say. LOL

I sent my laptop in because the drawer was broke...yes, again.
They email me to tell my my motherboard is bad and they're going to replace the whole damn thing. [yes, I just swore.] Part of me wants my computer back. I mean, was working just fine when I handed it over! Give it back! Prove that it's bad...

I'm having a hard time trusting these Geeks. I haven't spoken to my husband yet, so I don't know if we'll take their replacement Toshiba or the money they deem my laptop is worth for something to replace my laptop. I'm a little ticked over the whole process. If I do insist on my computer and it's bad, I don't even get the replacement. Then i'm out a computer all together. That's not good at all.

...and don't start with me about Apples! I don't care if Apple has in-store fixes! I like my Windows! I just need to get a PC company to do what Apple does. That's the resolution I'm looking for!