Being a Reader and a Writer

Because I finished the most amazing book last night...the wee hours of the morning, truth be told. I woke up with my mind, clamoring for a way to describe what I was feeling... and the bottom line?

Being a Reader and a Writer is like being married... [watch the comparisons. I swear, you'll see your writing career in here somewhere]

Seventeen years ago, I married a good-looking, bad boy. Well, he acted like the bad boy--smoked, played cards, drank. But he was...good-looking [have I said that already?], and inside, he was a good guy--even went to church on Sundays. <3 I was so in love...

And we got married. [This is the part where I'm a reader. Looove reading. Can't stop reading. Reading, all night long!]

As happens when you're married [such a good reader], we had kids [I decided to write].

You worry and doubt that you can even raise any kids!! This was a huge deal. What if you let everyone down? What if your kids turned out to be snotty, brats! Or worse, criminals?

But you love those kids so much. They're so danged cute. You don't admit it yet, but there's been a shift. Now it seems like you're spending a lot more time with the kids than with that good-looking guy you married. But it's not bad, because you're on the same page...[speaking of page. This is where I suddenly realize instead of 16 books a month, I'm only doing about 5 books. But the call of that manuscript is strong--and still lovey enough to hold my attention.]

As the kids grow, they begin to demand from you--time, money, ideas. All of a sudden you wake up one morning, and you wonder WTF happened to Us before Them? And you prioritize. You make sure that date money doesn't disappear. And you actually schedule time to be with the good-looking guy you married. [2 years ago, it occurred to me I was reading about 5 books--A. Year! It took me these 2 years to figure out how to rearrange and prioritize my down time, so I could read again.]

[This is me, right now. I've picked up reviewing through Promotion Companies, because I feel it's the only way I can be accountable to my reading! And, one day, in the not too distant future, I'll make it to this next paragraph.]

Eventually the kids mature, they get better with age. They are less demanding and more polished. They will always be a part of your life!! But now, you can enjoy that good-looking guy again. Calls from the kids manage to come during business hours, except for the occasional emergency. Date night [reading] happens more frequently. As a matter of fact, dates are spontaneous and way better than they were all those years ago before you had kids! Sometimes, you even sneak in a date, in the middle of the day! <3


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Saturday Snippets

When your kids think you're stupid
This snippet is from dinner last night:
After talking about how the school was spray painted and the front pane of glass had been smashed in by a softball, I noted my surprise that a softball could actually break that thick, exterior, tempered glass in the entry to the building. 

My oldest son: Mom, a soft ball...isn't really soft, ya know?

I admit, my blood boiled a little and I have a great snarky, sarcastic streak that comes out...sometimes when I least expect it. I have officially entered the my-kids-are-smarter-than-I phase of life.

Me: Yes! I know exactly what a softball is, thank you very much.

Just Sayin'

Two things today...

Been taking my morning drive with another lady on the road who drives a compact with a bumper sticker that says, "Do you follow Jesus this Close?" First of all, CLOSELY. Yes, it bugs me to read that every morning!! Today she pulled into the left lane in front of me and slowed down. And I wanted to say, Yes, I do. And if you get in front of me and drive under the speed limit, I am going to follow you this CLOSELY.

Thomas asked if I remembered my name before I was married. When I told him it was Seale, he rolled his eyes and said, "Oh yeah." He knew that. Then from the back seat, Sean pipes in, "Before you were married and your name was Seale, you looked like a seal!" And then he cracked up laughing... yes, folks. Seven year olds have NOT changed in the last thirty years! :D

Just sayin'.

Are you Embarrassed?

I have a 13 and a 12 and an 8 year old...
Embarrassment seemed to be a hot topic this morning.
First, we all saw this video on Facebook:


And my oldest thought that would be embarrassing... what?!

A sweet little four year isn't going to be embarassed! Also, my two year old watched this awesome video about 20 times this morning. She LOVED it. BTW, let's all be awesome today...and do everything better.

Then on the way to school my son talked about how it would be embarrassing to hug his sister in ten years. I told him that in ten years, she would be 12 and he would be 22. [ack. heart attack!] He would NOT be embarrassed to hug his sister when he was 22. And she would probably secretly love it...and be embarrassed.

My point is... their perception of life is so narrow. So specific and staunch even. They don't see outside of their view. It's eye-opening... I need to read a Middle Grade book. Any recommendations?

I begin to wonder if they are accurate. How can we write a character that age? Where does it go? From embarrassed to embarrassed? I'm very curious now... Hm.

What about you? Have you read a good middle grade character? I did once...but honestly, middle grade doesn't show up too often in the books I read. One, in The Villa, by Nora Roberts. And yes, she did a fine job with those characters. They were often embarrassed. LOL

Enjoy the day!
With Love,

The View

I'll admit it.

Ever since school started and I've been alone in the mornings, I've been watching The View. About once a week. I really enjoy it. This morning, the ladies were talking about a study, an article or something about issues women face in regards to MEN and how to talk about them with daughters. Though the audience wasn't privy to the entire list of 30-something, we got a taste. A good one? If a man annoys you while you're dating, he will definitely annoy you when you're married. GOOD POINT! A crazy a$$ one? Seven excuses not to have anal sex...

Excuse me girls, women, ladies... you don't need an excuse. No is enough.

I have one word...we'll call it the word for the day. Sex. My girlfriend and I were talking about this just yesterday. We both happened to watch the new shows on ABC--Modern Family and Cougar Town. Sex. Dancing with the Stars? [have you seen the outfits?] Sex. Law and Order? [think of the cases...] Sex and Sex crimes.

It just seems like everything is OUT THERE. I'm not trying to be prudish, but some mystery would be novel, don't you think? Sexy isn't out there, it's hidden and making people wonder.

Watch yourself this season. Watch out for your kids...even The Biggest Loser can be suggestive. I don't think sex should be a secret, but I do think it can be presented in a way that glorifies Love and God, not Hollywood and who they have decided is HOT.
Have a great weekend!
Love you all,

My five year old

My 5 year old was annoying my almost 9 year old this morning, and said 9 year old manhandled the 5 year old. Like brothers do. At the same time, no one would claim the water that was on the counter... and since it wasn't mine or my husband's, I sent them all to their rooms for an hour after lunch. It wasn't the cup of water that bothered me, but the fact that SOMEONE poured it! Why wouldn't they say so? Whoever wasn't saying so was lying.... Grrr. so frustrating.

....back on track. I brought my 5 and 9 year olds to the kitchen. I told the 9 year old, "Hug touching is okay. Handshakes are okay. If you are touching your brother becuase he is annoying you or making you angry, that's not okay. Okay?" 9 year old nods his head. "Apologize to your brother," I say, and he does. I turn to 5 year old. "5 year old, stop doing things on purpose to annoy your brother. Now, say you're sorry!"

He looks at 9 year old, then turns back to me, "You talk too much."

Haha. That is something I've NEVER been accused of in 32 years. NEVER. :D

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things the kids loved about The Science Museum

1.... The Hamster Wheel - is really hard to get that human size wheel to turn!

2. The bathrooms - the tiles were really cool! rocks in the boys, water in the girls.

3. Elevator number one - a glass one, you could see everything!

4. Elevator number two - had psychadelic patterns in the metal surface.

5. The drinking fountain - what is it about a water fountain, anyway?

6. The twirly coin toss - of which they emptied my pockets before we left.

Oh right...
7. There was the big Dinosaur that moved. Scared the crap out of Thomas but he got over it.

8. The Tornado - very cool

9. The computer games - after this exhibit, I was hardpressed to get Thomas interested in anything else.

10. The really gross vidoes of transplanting organs, a heart - EW.

11. A walk across I64 - standing on glass while cars zoomed under.

12. We ALMOST built an arch - we were just too short!

13. The kids LOVED knowing how much it cost to send them to the moon - it was appropriate for Thomas as I was ready to. LOL. Love that kid, he's just three that's all.

Oh, and I have to do one more...
14. Standing under the ledge of the roof as water poured off. Fun, lots of fun.

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Writing at Work

I write at work. *Gasp*
My job is taking care of four children, their home and their father.

Right now, I've been working overtime.

The youngest has been up at night. I've been getting calls at 1 am or 3 am. Occasionally, the call will come before midnight even occurs and I'll be ticked that I haven't forced myself to bed. And perhaps it is my fault. I should go to bed instead of sit here thinking just one more page of edits is worth it. :)

Tonight I'll head to bed early with hopes that i'll be sleeping when my alarm rings at 6am.

Because, wouldn't it be nice to get some writing in before I have to go to work at 7am? I don't think it would matter, though. I'd still steal a few moments here and there to jot down a few thoughts or add that scene that's been stuck in my head.

I guess I'm lucky that I'm a stay-at-home-mom.