Do you got it?

I just read an article theorizing that only smart people can write and that there is a connection between intellect and the ability to write. But the first thing that comes to my mind is that my husband struggles to write!! He has a hard time putting to paper the thoughts running through his head. He'll even obsess over a thank you note.

My husband is smart. I wouldn't say he's smarter than I am, just different smart. And I think that's the theory to be proved. There are types of smartness. I'm a writer/creative. My husband is analytical. We are both smart. We merely show it in different ways. Oh wait... I think this theory has already been studied and proven! Doh.

It's almost insulting to say, that because he can't write well, he lacks intellect. But, that's what the writer of this article suggested--I think. One, that people either "have it" or "don't have it" and, two, that not having it means there is some lack of intellect and all smart people can write.

What do you think?