Making Ice Cream

Doesn't matter than we're having the coldest week of winter so far. When you get an ice cream maker for Christmas, you make ice cream! And for my Lactose Free kid, that means, finally, ice cream that isn't plain vanilla or butter pecan. I mean, really. Could we get some variety in the lactose free version???


My husband made a gorgeous frame for our family portrait...

And, I'm so happy with this pair of gloves my Aunt bought for me...just so I could write in my office and not freeze  my fingers off. :D :D :D

Now tell me what you recieved this year. I want to hear all the fun details. :D
With Love,

Ice Cream

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I love Ice Cream.
I especially love it minty green with little bits of chocolate...
and plain vanilla with chunks of peanut butter cups.

I think lots of people like Ice Cream.
What's not to like, right?
or fruit
or nuts
or coffee

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Although not everyone, not everyone loves Ice Cream, the human race is blessed by Ice Cream. With a flavor to please everyone, we should remember, at the end of the day that we've all enjoyed a little taste of heaven. Mmmm, yummy Ice Cream.

Makes me wish everyone liked Ice Cream.

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Do you like Ice Cream?
What kind of Ice Cream do you like?