The Strong Heroine

I read an interview this week and the interviewee mentioned the characteristics of her heroine. Thankfully, I can't remember who gave the interview because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was talking badly about someone. I'm not...and the truth is, I've heard this answer soooo many times, I'm coming to think of it as being cliche.

The answer? [in my own words] I write heroines who are feisty and strong, take control. Don't you hate a heroine who simpers and waits to be saved?

Of course, I agree with this sentiment. Most heroines I like are strong and can take care of things. I've read a few over the top bitchy ones, but overall, I like the strong ones.

The problem is... what books are they [all the people who say that] reading, anyway? I haven't read a book with a wimpy heroine in years and years unless I've picked up a book published before 1990. The statement is a standby answer for almost every romance author out there in the past 5-10 years. Does anyone even write a heroine who needs help? Or is wimpy?

So, I had a revelation after reading another interview with that line...about not liking heroines who whimper and can't take care of themselves. I should pitch a wimpy heroine. Write a heroine who needs a strong man, someone smart and take control. A man who will pat her on the head, give her a little peck and tell her, "Now, don't you worry, little lady."

Now that would be different! That would be refreshing! Perhaps THAT would catch someone's eye.