2nd weekly Question of the Week

I have to put that...2nd weekly. It's a sign of a habit forming.
So the question...what are your habits, good or bad? Give me your best or your worst...
you can even post anonymously!

I'll be the one UNanonymous habit girl.
And it all started when I was very young...


I sucked my thumb from infancy into childhood. We're talking after five...maybe even into the sevens. I'd have to ask my mom. I used my pointer finger as a hook over my nose to keep everything in place. Following that was the nail biting. I still occasionally do that. At nineteen, I started smoking. For ten years I told myself I was going to quit(that's not exactly true as I loved doing it)...Finally when I was pregnant with number four, I succeeded...most likely thanks to the Man Fan. He quit that year too. I still have an urge for one every once in a great while but...there's no one to bum a smoke from. ;) thanks goodness!

What about you?
Do you crave chocolate?
Do you write love letters regularly?
Do you drive only in the left hand lane?
Do you have to eat from your plate in a clockwise rotation?
Do you snort when you laugh?

What is your annoying habit?
Inquiring minds want to know.