Through Heart-Shaped Glasses

Every once in a while, an idea strikes that ends up Golden.

Well, starting on May 1st, some of the most awesomest ladies I know are gathering at a little place on the web for a chance to share our thoughts, our lives, our writing. It's called Through Heart-Shaped Glasses. We write romance in all different genres. We live in all different parts of the world. We share the most diverse span of opinions known to mankind.

But the best part? We're all friends.

From now on, once a month on the 23rd, you'll find me shacking up with my heart-shaped glasses and my cozy cup of coffee. Don't worry, I'll remind you. For now, feel free to hop over and have a looksee [actually, hop over at 5am EST. That's when our first post is scheduled to go live]!!! It's so pretty. I'm really excited about this new venture and hope you'll join me for a ton of fabulous writing, giveaways, and even a few special guest authors.