Blood Drive in Colorado Springs

Are you in Colorado Springs?
Are you in Denver or Pueblo and willing to drive to Colorado Springs?
Coming this May at Fort Carson, Armed Services Blood Program. It's like the red cross for soldiers. Blood donated will go directly to soldiers. All blood donated to the ASBP goes to soldiers and their families. Think about it. When our soldiers need blood and ASBP is low on supplies, ASBP buys from Red Cross. BUYS it.

Here's a link for where you can go and donate if you aren't in Colorado in May. Without knowing it, you could live just minutes from the nearest donation center.

Let's all give, shall we?
Don't worry, I'll remind about it as the date approaches, K?
You just sit back and relax. I got you covered.

Miracle Monday

Miracle Monday
Maybe this isn't so much a miracle, but it is a blessing...
See, Matt was originally assigned to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. He had the option to switch with some other guys in his class. Someone with Fort Riley. Another guy with Fort Hood.
We looked at those, too.
But I know my husband and he was looking for something a little further west...
Like Colorado or Alaska.

And then he called me a couple weeks ago with this great plan!
A four way!! This is where it gets a little complicated.
It starts out like a joke.
4 guys walked into a bar...
One, on his way to Korea.
One, going to Hood.
One, to Carson.
And another to Bragg.

hahaha. Anyway, we're going to Fort Carson.
And we're excited about it...