Another one bites the dust?!

Never going to buy from Best Buy again.
That's all I have to say... I take that back, I'm too much of a talker for that to be all I have to say. LOL

I sent my laptop in because the drawer was broke...yes, again.
They email me to tell my my motherboard is bad and they're going to replace the whole damn thing. [yes, I just swore.] Part of me wants my computer back. I mean, was working just fine when I handed it over! Give it back! Prove that it's bad...

I'm having a hard time trusting these Geeks. I haven't spoken to my husband yet, so I don't know if we'll take their replacement Toshiba or the money they deem my laptop is worth for something to replace my laptop. I'm a little ticked over the whole process. If I do insist on my computer and it's bad, I don't even get the replacement. Then i'm out a computer all together. That's not good at all.

...and don't start with me about Apples! I don't care if Apple has in-store fixes! I like my Windows! I just need to get a PC company to do what Apple does. That's the resolution I'm looking for!