5K x 4

Just a personal note today... besides being so flipping behind in blogging, I did my fourth 5K this evening. Thanks to a good friend for pushing me to it in the first place. And to my husband who, by just being his annoyingly fit self, is inspiration personified. Love you, Babe.

I met the ADA [American Diabetes Association] lady at the run tonight. They've got the TourdeCure happening on Saturday. Maybe I'll volunteer some time for that...if it hasn't burnt to the ground by then.

Say a prayer for all the people who have lost homes today. Going to be another dry, dry, awful, hot summer. It's so early!! And already the countryside is being ravaged by flames.

Speaking of flames, don't forget to come by the group blog. Through Heart-Shaped Glasses is in full swing this month, talking about loooove, romance, and WEDDINGS! It is June, you know.

Have a great week.
With Love,